Good Hope FM Keep Cape Town Warm with Capfin

Date: Jul 2, 2021

Good Hope FM and Capfin launch the “Keep Cape Town Warm” campaign in a bid to help the many individuals and families that are left destitute by the raging cold and wet winter storms.

The campaign that is supported by the Community Chest, will once again call on Cape Town residents to step up and support this winter initiative, as they have done several years before.

Capetonians have previously warmed the hearts of the city’s needy by donating generously to Good Hope FM’s Keep Cape Town Warm initiative. As the need seems to be amplified this year due to the current pandemic that left many people unemployed, homeless, or with reduced disposable income, Good Hope FM and Capfin have both committed to donating their organisations’ time, resources, and support, to focus on issues closer to the heart of the Mother City.

Good Hope FM and is calling on all Capetonians to help those in need, by making a monetary donation via the Community Chest website, as we are very aware that the current pandemic leaves many of our listeners unsure of how to help, and we do not want to add to their anxiety of going into public spaces unnecessarily or enhance their concerns around safety. Cash donations will go towards the purchase and distribution of winter blankets by our designated NGO, the Community Chest in the hopes of making the winter months more bearable for the city’s less fortunate.

Alternately, should the public prefer to donate blankets, these can be dropped off at the drive-through point during the Good Hope FM outside broadcast on the 30th of July 2021. Brand new or second-hand (clean/washed) blankets will be accepted as donations. Strict COVID-19 protocols will be adhered to at the outside broadcast location and drive-through point, to ensure that everyone keeps safe. 

“Good Hope FM has always strived to provide listeners with the best music while keeping them informed and entertained, but we also care deeply about our community. With the current pandemic and resulting economic decline, more people are left homeless or without the necessary resources, especially families with babies and young children. Let’s reach out and help the less fortunate in our community during this cold winter by helping us to collect blankets that can provide some comfort to those suffering during these tough times,” says Good Hope FM Business Manager, JD Mostert.

“As a Cape Town based business, we are very aware of the harsh environment that those who are less fortunate are battling with.  We felt that it’s important that we put our hands up, step forward and try to help.  It is a scary time for everyone as we fight the Covid pandemic and its resultant economic havoc it has caused to individuals and their families.  By teaming up with Good Hope FM we hoping to make things just a little easier for the less fortunate in our Cape Town community” says A. Petersen, Head of Brand and Marketing.

“Community Chest is delighted to be back on board the Keep Cape Town Warm winter campaign once again. We were a long-standing partner of the campaign for many years but recently took a break to focus on organisational activations. Last year the pandemic necessitated we get creative in our Mandela Day approach, and we conceptualized the popular and successful Donations Drive-Thru. This year we combine last year’s efforts with the current campaign format for a double shot at success,” says Community Chest spokesperson, Desiré Goliath.

On Friday, 30 July, an official handover will take place during the outside broadcast to the various charity organisations and communities in the greater Cape Town Metropolitan area, for the distribution of the donations received during the Keep Cape Town Warm campaign to those in need.  The Morning Show with Leigh-Anne Williams will be hosted live from the Community Chest Warehouse at 39 Enslin Street, Ottery from 09:00 to 12:00.

Good Hope FM and Capfin call on all Capetonians to spare a thought for those who are shivering this winter, and help Keep Cape Town Warm by making your monetary donations directly to the Community Chest website by visiting and clicking on the Donate Now button.

Good Hope FM in collaboration with Capfin, Keeping Cape Town Warm.


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