Hype Your Heritage

Date: Aug 30, 2018

A Good Hope FM campaign to preserve SA’s undocumented heritage

September month is when South Africans recognise their heritage, mostly on the designated holiday, 24th September. However, so much of our wonderful heritage is in danger of being forgotten, because it hasn’t been documented online. This year Good Hope FM, Cape Town’s original radio station, is going large. The entire month of September is dedicated to preserving undocumented heritage about the diverse people of South Africa.  This initiative, entitled ‘Hype Your Heritage’, is a first for South African radio and will be presented by The Good Hope FM Breakfast Show with Dan Corder, as of Monday, 3rd September.

The show has partnered with South Africa History Online (SAHO) and WikiMedia South Africa to document more of South Africa’s history online. For Heritage Month, they will ask listeners to identify places, people, historical moments and cultural happenings that matter to their communities. From the suggestions, the team will identify those stories that have not yet been thoroughly and accessibly saved on the internet. SAHO historians will collaborate with Wikipedia South Africa editors to create well-researched records of these pieces of heritage, on Wikipedia and SAHO’s website.

“From the beginning of September until Heritage Day (24th September), we aim to create many articles that meaningfully add to the presence of South Africa’s heritage on the internet, so that our heritage will exist for future generations to learn about,” explains Good Hope FM on-air presenter and concept creator, Dan Corder. “We will also emphasize how all South Africans can contribute to recording their heritage for all to know, always.”

Tune in to the Good Hope FM every day to catch regular updates about ‘Hype Your Heritage’ and to find out how you can contribute to immortalize your own South African heritage.


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