Brendan Ficks Tribute

Date: Dec 26, 2020

Good Hope FM pays tribute to former stration manager Brendan Ficks

It is with great sadness that we, the Good Hope FM family, have to bid farewell to our ex-colleague former Good Hope FM Station Manager, Brendan Ficks who passed away yesterday. 

Brendan sadly succumbed yesterday after he was hospitalised due to Covid-related complications.  He sadly lost both his parents in the past ten days due to COVID-related illnesses and our heartfelt condolences go out to his sister, Claudia and her son Keenan.

As a marketing, media and radio professional Brendan gained much experience during his illustrious career, but the team at Good  Hope FM most fondly remember him as our Marketing Manager, Sales Manager and later Station Manager.  Those fortunate enough to have encountered Brendan during his far too short life would agree that once Brendan has made an appearance in your life, your life was forever changed.  He had a wealth of knowledge about almost anything, was inquisitive and always wanted to know more.  He had creative ideas that would blow your mind, an amazing sense of humour and storytelling skills like few others.  He was always a gentleman and treated all people he came into contact with the utmost of respect.  He was funny, jovial, positive, wise, an author, a great man with a kind heart who was a believer in God, a true and loyal friend to many, explorer of facts, explorer of new places, explorer of cultures, and his biggest passion, his appreciation for food and his willingness to try something new.  Brendan was a musician, loved discovering and uplifting new talent, played keyboard, named Suzi, in church, at weddings or wherever he was needed, he loved playing his favourites and creating new beats.  He was a lover of music, new and old, and was Michael Jackson’s BIGGEST Fan.  He appreciated many things flavourful, loved his parents, family, colleagues and friends, he loved life with a passion and was loved.

Brendan Ficks; Brendan the Great; King of your Castle; you’ll forever be in our hearts. May you rest in peace. Gone too soon.


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