Hype Your Heritage

Date: Sep 7, 2018

We are well into the first week of #HypeYourHeritage and things are getting exciting

So many listeners have contributed names of people, places, pieces of culture, and historical events that they consider crucial to their heritage, and we have compiled a shortlist to be considered for the campaign. So far, we have had all kinds of suggested topics, including Ashley Kriel, Marc Lottering, gatsbys, Benni McCarthy, the Western Cape anti-apartheid student protests, the Claremont Mosque, Club Galaxy, DJ Ready D, Genadendal, Jeremy Vearey and so many more!


Now that we have a shortlist, it is time for the historians from South African History Online to dig into their archives to see what knowledge they can provide. I, Dan, am organizing interviews with people who are in the know on these topics, and the editors from Wikimedia South Africa are researching what information already exists on the internet, and figuring out how to make it more accessible. We are days away from our first articles! Stay tuned.


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