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Vania Cloete-Collison

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Vania Cloete-Collison a graduate from the then PenTech having studied toward a BTech in Journalism.

She is currently studying Public Relations. Apart from being a  newsreader on Good Hope FM, on The |Great Drive, Vania also has a love for  print media and has extensive experience in the world of magazines,  and freelance as a Fashion and Beauty Editor. She finds educating women on what to wear according to their budgets, age, figure and personality very fulfilling, and finds working with women who have low self-esteems and having a hand in making them feel good about themselves,  very satisfying and a worthy task.  Vania is also very passionate about all things food related and is working towards making her dream of becoming a chef, a not too distant reality. She aspires to one day, own a little deli, and  prepare interesting, colourful food that will make onlookers salivate at the first glance.

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