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Nkanyezi Sikakane, aka Kenzi, is a 21-year-old woman with a proud Zulu and Tswana background

She is originally from Gauteng, Johannesburg where she resided with her parents and siblings, however, her life took a turn for the best when she decided to move to the Western Cape. Playback to 2 years ago, she was an enthusiastic and robust Economics major at the University of The Western Cape. Here she participated in multiple activities and events that curated her sense of confidence and passion for speech and language.

Nkanyezi, AKA “Kenzi” is also the winner of the 2019 Campus DJ Search made brighter by MTN Pulse, an event in her life which she so eloquently describes as the “THE SHIFT” – a pivotal moment in her life which has introduced her to a wealth of enormous opportunity, people and skills which she never knew laid dormant in her.

Kenzi – a name which she created jokingly with her friends for the sake of adaptability- is a lover of jazz, fusion, alternative and fine music. Her favourite artists include The Cinematic Orchestra, Erykah Badu, King Krule and the likes. Items on her extensive but interesting bucket list include her being able run, without dying, for about 10 minutes.

Ultimately, Nkanyezi is an enigmatic and authentic soul ready to share her world with you.

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