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Sandra Rosenberg

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Show(s): The Morning Show

Sandra Rosenberg has become a household name in the mother city due to her infectious laugh and her long standing love affair with radio. 

She cut her teeth in the industry on community radio before graduating from Peninsula  Technikon with a BTech Degree in Journalism. After working as a journalist at the SABC, Sandra joined the Good Hope FM family. 

“Radio is my first love. It has given me the opportunity to connect with so many people in such diverse walks of life. I love the immediacy of the medium and being a part of our listeners day every day I’m on air” 

When not on air, Sandra enjoys being a visitor in her own city and often travels on the road less traveled to discover the many gifts the Western Cape has to offer. She’s also on a mission to travel through Africa for the “road trip of a lifetime”

Sandra enjoys creating all manner of things. From wall art out of recycled books, Macrame, Sewing, Pyrography, Woodwork Furniture and a spot of Viticulture or “wine drinking” as she puts it. 

Batman has the bat symbol but if you want Sandra to appear, turn up your hip hop jams. “Hip hop music has allowed me to find my space in this world but more importantly, it helped me find my tribe. Those like minded individuals who understand that music is much more than just a beat, it’s a movement.” 

Dogs are her second love and Sandra adores time spent outdoors, hiking  with her furry four legged friends. 

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