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The Humble Lord Veezus, is the son of a UCT lecturer, Alistair Andrews.

His father plays the bass guitar, hence music has always been a part of Veezus's lifestyle. He stems from a musical family where he was exposed to music from a young age and started DJ'ing in late 2010, taking breaks in between and ultimately reinventing himself in early 2016. The Humble Lord Veezus joined Good Hope FM as the new radio presenter shortly after April 2016. He believes that young people can achieve and will achieve if this is their outlook on life, as long as they stay true to themselves and not imitate or conform to what society deems as "right" or "successful". The Humble Lord Veezus is an inspiring and aspiring figure to the youth of South Africa and apart from being an on-air presenter and DJ, he is an ambassador for the well-known sneaker brand, New Balance, saying he loves sneakers as much as he loves charity. Tune in to Good Hope FM on Sunday mornings from 02:00 to 06:00 for his show.

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