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The Sunset Smoothie is a 4-hour music-driven Sunday night show hosted by Bradley Knight, the ‘shy kid from Belhar’ who currently holds the record as the station’s longest serving presenter with 21 years of uninterrupted service behind the mic

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06:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Bradley Knight

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The show is so proudly Capetonian that it is best described as a Gatsby cut in 4.

The first ‘stukkie’ features a nostalgic blend of classic old school hits and showcases urban-flavoured Gospel tunes that challenge the stereotype of what gospel music should sound like. Driving the interactive element, the show injects the nos into nostalgia with Telly Time Machine, an interactive feature that transports us back in time to those old school 80’s TV Show intros like Magnum P.I. Dallas and C.H.I.P.S.

The second ‘stukkie’ at 7pm is headlined by the show’s resident deejay, DJ Grant Lesch who is the only DJ on record to make Sunday evenings feel like a Friday night with his flame-grilled old school dance mixes befittingly named after quintessential Cape Flats dishes - the Lamb Breyani mix or Malva Pudding mix sees listener participation go into overdrive to the degree that Facebook has had to limit the amount of times listeners can post during the mix!

The last 2 ‘stukkies’ at 8pm is for you and your stukkie. 50 Shades of Fray, aptly named by our listeners to describe the vibe that accompanies the playing of classic old school love songs ranging from the Manhattans and the Temptations to the slow jams such as Silk Sonic’s ‘Leave the door open”. The music is peppered with listeners’ voice notes that brings its own entertainment value throughout the show.

The Sunset Smoothie has a simple formula, but it’s a bit like those ’11 herbs and spices’ – the secret’s in how you mix them together. The music is undoubtedly the star of the show and listeners the co-stars, with interaction occurring throughout the show and afterwards throughout the week via Facebook.

In short - if that Full House Masala Steak Gatsby with chunks of juicy steak dripping with perinaise and peri peri sauce had speakers – it would sound like the Sunset Smoothie – cut in 4. Tuck in. Sunday nights from 6pm to 10pm with Bradley Knight, exclusive to Good Hope FM

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