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Monday - Peace - Love and Unity Movement
DJ Ready D feat DJ Eazy

Features - (Once a month)  - Spoken word and HiP Hop artist - interview guest that's knowledgeable about community and youth culture.

New Music Segment - We break local and international music in this slot.

THE JUMP OFF SESSION (DJMix) - One week we focus on throwbacks - the next week it's EDM oriented in the form of Trap - Drum n Bass and Dubstep Music.

Theme - Peace Love Unity and celebrating music.
We call on the listeners to break away from day to day stress and take time out and embrace positive moments.
We interact with our listeners by encouraging them to share power quotes and words of wisdom on our social media platforms.
We will capture their quotes and broadcast their messages.
DJ Eazy will break down a few of his quotes.

Tuesday aka Boostday Night Car and Bike Show
Guest Host - Motor Mechanic - Anwar Daniels

This show explore the wide scope of motoring including sport and cultural aspects that come with it. We cover racing, drifting,custom cars and bikes, day to day commuting, safety and mechanical elements.
Car clubs play a huge roll in the industry - making them a key focus.

We provide a platform to our local and international motoring heroes. We interact with our listeners by getting them to answer questions, post mechanical queries and upload pics of their favorite cars and motorcycles.

The music is diverse in this scene. We cover all aspects from Dance - trap - Dubstep to Hip Hop.
DJ Ready D and three guest DJ's alternate on a weekly basis to provide the listeners with an awesome music mixing experience.

Wednesday aka Get Busy Night
Co - Hosts - DJ Easy and Celest Hip Hop Crazy Mitchell

We celebrate Hip Hop cultures dynamic elements and explore the history and role it play in a local context. We provide updates relating to events, news and artist features.
Listeners are encouraged to represent who they are and where they come from on our Social media platforms. Through this we learn that people are tuning and streaming  in - not just locally, but across neighboring African countries and across the world.

The Ready D Cypher
A Cypher is a traditional element very important to Hip Hop's MC's (Rappers)
This feature provide a platform for seasoned professionals and up comers to showcase their skills and remain connected to one of the artistic foundations.
The listeners are exposed to a diverse pool of talented people with their own forms of expression and stories.

One of the interesting components is that the MC's do not know what beats they will be rhyming to. The beats are provided by DJ Ready D from the Green Room.
The MC's line up in the main studio - Step up to the mic and then flow to instrumental thumping in their headphones. The aims are to exercise skill, test flows and harness performance experience. The Cypher also afford Hip Hop artist to build a fan base for themselves.

DJ Azuhl and Tha Beatbangaz provide the South African Hip Hop Mix.
This mix highlight our broad unique South African Hip Hop sound.
Listeners are exposed to our multicultural languages and dialects. This mix exhibit the essence of being a Hip Hop DJ - Skill and a deep connection to the culture.

Thursday - The Hip Hop Top 20
This Chart Show is a testament to the cutting edge of Hip Hop music dynamics. This is the perfect initiative to break new songs and introduce new and exciting artist to the listeners.
Boom Bap to Dirty South Trap and Bounce styles compete for the number one spot.
South African tracks go up against the internationals. The listeners can vote for their tracks via our SMS line.

5 Track Stack Up - This is a feature unique to The Hip Hop Top 20
DJ Ready D will do a live mix - blend - transition and scratch session with 5 songs in the order they appear on the chart.


This mix provide a break from the Chart and it engages the listeners by switching tempo and music feel. We are aware of the modern day music fans diverse taste and this session caters for there needs. Dj Ready D alternate between genres on a weekly basis.
Dj Ready D will put his flavor into mixing Dance in the forms of -  Future House - Afro - Tribal - Jackin - EDM, etc
The next week - Reggae in the forms of Roots - Dancehall - Socca and Moomba

After the mix - The moment to broadcast the number one song is close.

The core principles of The Ready D Show are to provide the listeners with an exciting music experience - support their interest and provide them with edu - tainment that they can relate to.

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