#YouthStandUp Winners

Date: Aug 2, 2019

#YouthStandUp has wrapped and those standing up and making their voices heard were chosen as winners and will receive their prizes shortly courtesy of Vodacom NXT LVL

#YouthStandUp Winners:

Hannah Davids

Audery February

Immoshaan Marthinus

Raylene Rossouw

Sihle Mkalipi

Aaliyah Elliot

Monique Annies

Zainab Slarmie

Celita Jenecker

Ozzy Siwela

Kay-Dee Mashile

Tasneem Abrahams

Lawrence van der Berg

Jason Poole

Grand Prize Winner: Hannah Davids 

Each winner receives a Vodacom NXT LVL hamper to the value of R2000 which includes

•                 1 x NXT LVL drawstring bags

•                 1 x Vodacom earphones

•                 1 X USB

•                 1 x NXT LVL metal festival water bottle

•                 1 x R500 Sportscene voucher

•                 1 x R550 airtime voucher

•                 100GB Vodacom Data (Grand Prize Winner Only)

Winning Entry by Hannah Davids

Poem: Identity

You see, it’s hard to be “in-between”

to be a “mixed-race”

to be a part of a culture that was displaced.

But my dad worked for me

so I can be where I am.

A “white” education ?

I don’t think you understand.

I love my roots -

as kroes as it is

and I love being plat -

so I’ll speak as I please.

But this “white” education,

like you like to call it,

takes nothing away from what’s important.

I can’t relate to some because I’m not black

and I have to speak “proper” to get a call back.

I sukkel for a scholarship

or financial aid

because coloureds weren’t as oppressed

back in the day.

So tell me now,

while I roll my R’s

why there’s a problem with my family driving nice cars?

So it’s tough to fit in

when your skin is so mixed

when your hair is “too straight”

or it’s just not “fixed”

I’ll raise my voice for my identity that’s been parted

So that my coloured culture,

won’t be disregarded.

Your ouma had to leave the home that she knew

and dreamt of being in the same position as you.

So don’t stress about “fitting in”

or not having a place

The dreams of your ma is all over your coloured face.


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