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Calvin Harris' New Song 'Let's Go' Ft. Ne-Yo


The new club banger is expected to appear in the Scottish DJ's upcoming studio album.

After riding high on the success ofRihanna's "We Found Love",Calvin Harris releases another crowd pleaser just in time for the approaching summer. Called "Let's Go", the new material features Ne-Yo and is expected to be included in the DJ's next studio installment. 

"Let's go/ Make no excuses now," Ne-Yo sings an invitation to the dance floor over the electro/dance beat. "It's not about what you've done/ It's about what you doing/ It's all about where you going/ No matter where you've been." 

In addition to preparing his own album, Harris is also busy helping other artists complete their studio projects. Rumor has it, the Scottish disc jokey will collaborate with 
Girls Aloud's member, Cheryl Cole, for her upcoming solo effort. 



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NellyB28 Tue, 6 Mar 11:58 Report Abuse

Awesome track...

mtlc Fri, 9 Mar 9:58 Report Abuse

i love this song get goosebumps everytime im listening 2 it

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