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Good Hope FM 48th Birthday Bash


International Soul Divas Live in South Africa Concert will hot up Cape Town this July!

Soul Divas CeCe Peniston, Robin S and Sybil, as part of the Good Hope FM BIRTHDAY BASH, will hot up Cape Town this July! The sublime threesome will give a once off performance on Saturday 6 July at GrandWest Arena, Grand West outside Cape Town.

The all female New York City Orchestra will provide the supporting act – which makes the evening a rare celebration of soul and female talent. Good Hope FM DJ’s will be connecting Cape Town with live music, leading up to the show.

Dance music queen CeCe Peniston has performed for former US president Bill Clinton (twice!), Pope John Paul II and Aretha Franklin. She was also the first international female artist to be invited to perform in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid.

CeCe Peniston’s hits (delivered in a voice that is reminiscent of a full bodied red wine) include “Finally”, “Keep on Walkin’” and “Gotta Know (Your Name)”.

Her compatriot, the singer and songwriter Robin S, can boast of a list of hits that include “Show me the Love” and “Luv 4 Luv”, which she delivers in a voice that ranges from mellow to one capable of packing a punch. Sybil is the surprise here. She has hitherto achieved fame for her cover versions, but it’s her voice that will grab music lovers. The latter can be compared to a sparkling golden chardonnay capable of finding your sweet spot effortlessly.

The divas will be supported by the talents of the New York City Orchestra.

This unique orchestra consists of female virtuosi, who are capable of performing both classical and contemporary music with equal aplomb.

This is a big event on the music calendar.

The International Divas Live in South Africa concert takes place on Saturday 6 July in the Grand Arena of GrandWest.

Tickets range from R325 to R495.


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war1 Thu, 16 May 19:31 Report Abuse

I hope you guys are giving some tickets away

roxy11 Fri, 28 Jun 10:48 Report Abuse

please please please tell me you guys are still giving away tickets

myprofile Fri, 28 Jun 13:04 Report Abuse

yor i would love to go, but cant afford to buy myself a ticket.
let me know when the competitions running so that i can enter. it will also be my birthday on thursday and a ticket to the show will be the best presen ever.

NickyDLewis Fri, 28 Jun 13:35 Report Abuse

You've got to show me love...Heartbreaks and promises, I've had more than my share....
I would not want to miss this show. Please let me know if and when you will be giving away tickets.

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