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Breakfast Radio meets Breakfast TV

Radio meets TV for the first time ever as Good Hope FM’s Breakfast Show featuring Guy McDonald broadcasts their radio show live on SABC 3’s hit Breakfast TV Show Expresso every Thursday from 5:30am till 8am.

Tune into SABC 3 to see Guy, Tracey and Carl broadcasting their 6 till 9am Breakfast Show live but at the same time tune your radio into Good Hope FM to see how Expresso presenters Liezl, Ewan, Kia and Katlego fair on the airwaves.

It’s an epic collab that breaks the boundaries of TV and radio.

7 personalities, Two mediums, 1 epic TV meets Radio experience!

It’s Expresso on Good Hope FM and Good Hope FM on Expresso!


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JDEyden Thu, 15 Dec 12:55 Report Abuse

Great Show Guys

hydro_les Tue, 24 Apr 10:26 Report Abuse

Listen to this show every morning {TRACEY:-) has a voice worth stalking}

MC313 Thu, 28 Jun 10:50 Report Abuse

Where can I find the pictures of this morning show on Expresso of Renaldo Dove with crybaby lotion (I think)? Hilarious

lancie Tue, 2 Oct 14:20 Report Abuse

hi guys..

just a request, i know Carl is doing this on his teen show, but what bout the "older teen"...

i do a few mixes on my PC and not sure if its like good enought for people to hear, but i get jiggy to it and im sure other poeple will as well...

cant GoodHope have a compition like .." so you think you can DJ" or come up with you own name..come on guys...i know you will come up with somthing KWAAI...

just a thought...

from you #1 Fan ...


Chezz Fri, 12 Oct 16:03 Report Abuse

best show ever, love the traffic jam but I have to drive so cant vote, such a bummer

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